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2 Sniffer Dogs

to detect shark fins illegally being exported for foreign consumption at the airport of  the Galapagos Islands.


Report on Vote-buying at the International Whaling Commission

This report by Leslie Busby highlights the problem of "buying" votes to enable the whaling nations to block conservation measures for marine life. Download here


Marine Mammal Anti-Captivity Officer

Global Ocean funds Janja Novak to be Marine Connection's Anti-Captivity Officer as she's a passionate young person dedicated to the welfare of whales and dolphins.


Due to animal traders such as Canadian Chris Porter, pods of dolphins are arguably being unsustainably caught and sold from poor countries with limited protections to aquariums in developed countries worldwide.

In addition, fishermen in Japan are paid by the captivity industry to round up whole pods of dolphins so that they can select individuals for their swimming pools - the unlucky animals that don't get put in swimming pools, are then inhumanely slaughtered – probably for dog food.


Marine Connection's Seventh Wave Magazine

We funded the first ever colour edition of Seventh Wave.

We also funded Marine Connection's study on the dolphins of Peru and an awareness program there to help protect stocks.

Projects Funded in 2005

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