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about the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans, explain how plastic enters the marine environment and describe the negative impacts it has on marine life and human health.


this apparent "rubbish" into a useful and artistic resource by encouraging creativity and highlighting the importance to reduce, reuse and recycle.



ways that individuals and institutions can get involved and make a difference to the world's oceans today.

To promote education and behavioural change towards plastic pollution and how we treat our oceans, organise your own workshop using our free teaching resources and online tutorials


Topics We Cover Include:

  • Recycling & Materials

  • Species Adaptation & Interdependence

  • Habitats  & Food Chains

Previous workshops we have conducted were modified to fit each school’s curriculum and ranged from a 1 hour class to whole day sessions. Typically, our pack caters for a single class or year group across Key Stage 2 but can be tailored to accommodate different age groups or as a whole school assembly. National curriculum topics are linked throughout the session, delivered using science and the arts as a platform.

If you would like to learn how to hold your own workshop or download your own free teaching resource pack, click on the button below

Our FREE teaching resources give background information and lesson plans to explore more about the topic of plastic pollution in the oceans.

Our education pack teaches children about how healthy oceans are vital for sustaining life and how plastic pollution negatively affects the creatures that depend upon it, including us.


The lesson plans are designed to encourage students to think about ways that they can change their behaviour to help stop plastic from entering our oceans and inspire them to become stewards of their community and world.

"We learnt a lot about how much we can harm ourselves, animals and their habitat with our plastic pollution." - Honor, Sophia, Amelia, St Christophers School, London.

"We learnt how plastic affects wildlife and the foodchain." - Vassily and Aleksandrs, St Marys & St Peters School, Teddington.

Become an Education Coordinator for Global Ocean


Calling all Teachers, Teaching Assistants, PGCE Students, Home-Education Coordinators, parents and educators from other organisations and institutions!


We want YOU to discover how to deliver our bespoke marine conservation workshop across your formal or informal education networks.


You will learn about the topic of plastic pollution in the marine environment with our free teaching pack and our online tutorials will guide you through how to deliver this workshop as your own session.


All resources are downloadable for FREE here.

Would your school like to benefit from a free and bespoke environmental programme?


Our partner One More Generation offer a fully supported weeklong "Plastic & Recyling Awareness Programme" to complement our  plastic pollution sessions. Click here for more details.


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