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Download our education resource pack by clicking on the images below and be inspired to join the fight against plastic pollution!


Included is key information on plastic pollution in the oceans, fun activities to try out in the classroom or at home, easy-to-follow ideas for reducing your plastic footprint and curriculum links for lesson planning.


If you want to learn how to deliver our bespoke marine conservation workshop across your informal or formal learning networks, click on the button below to be directed to our training page.

Education Pack

Click the buttons for our India and UAE branch education resources 


Teacher's Resource Pack Reference List - Useful to lookup plastic pollution related facts and sources of further information

Bottled water infographic

Download this infographic with all the facts on plastic pollution:
Insinkerator Bottled Water infographic
Insinkerator Bottled Water infographic


Download and print one of our posters to educate on the issue of plastic pollution:


Help spread our message by downloading and using our fantastic wallpapers. Click on the images below to download your own!

Ideas of your own


  • Host your own eco-arts workshop in your classroom using our Teachers Workshop Pack - including learning objectives, equipment lists, curriculum links and discussion topics

  • Download our Recycling Rangers leaflet to find out how you can inspire young children to become "green" ambassadors

  • See how our eco-arts plastic workshops link to the National Curriculum and find additional classroom activities here

  • Learn how to make an angelfish from a milk bottle with our easy step-by-step instructions

  • Want to know how to incorporate other marine issues into your lesson plans? Check out the Marine Conservation Society Cool Seas website for more brilliant ideas!


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