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Global Ocean White Paper


We are committed to change attitudes and behaviours in the way that we treat the oceans. We publish white papers containing powerful scientific evidence and recommendations as solutions, to communicate 

Plastic Pollution and Human Health


We have made it our mission to help spread the message about the dangerous chemicals in plastic, and the effects that they can have on both the health of humans and marine life. 

New Sealife Campaigners


Check out our new friends created by global advertising agency Ogilvy - who do award-winning, socially responsible work such as this tree-saving iFold campaign and who also work with the WWF.


Plastic Pathways


This great video from Andy Smith of Plastic Pathways shows that we don't really know what happens to a plastic bottle after it's thrown away. Worth watching you may be surprised!

Real Reefs


Global Ocean has been funding Seasearch's Real Reefs project for several years now. It recently won Peter Small Jubilee Trust Awards for the most worthwhile and ambitious BSAC project conducted in UK waters. 

Additional Information

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