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In the UK we primarily focus on the topic of plastic pollution in the marine environment, raising awareness and educating about the dangerous effects that it has on our ocean ecosystems, marine life and ultimately human health. We conduct educational workshops at events and schools across the UK to empower the public to take action for marine conservation, and we collaborate with similar organisations on projects to deliver our message further. 


For more information on the issue of plastic pollution click here


Click on the links below to view the projects we have collaborated on...

Marine Conservation Research International


We are funding MCR’s research based project aimed at listing the Eastern North Atlantic Humpback Whale (Cape Verde) population on the IUCN Red List, the barometer by which society measures how threatened a population or species is. Inclusion on the red list will help with securing future funding for research and conservation of this poorly understood and threatened population. Sponsorship of this project will have multiplier effects and lead to future collaboration on marine litter and plastic pollution projects conducted by MCR. Global Ocean will receive recognition by MCR on their website, social media sites and all associated press releases.

The Marine Biological Association


We are contributing to MBA’s Wakame Watch project, to engage the public in a citizen science scheme to record and raise awareness of marine invasive species in the UK and North Coast of France. Wakame is a species of seaweed considered by the IUCN Invasive Specialist Group as “one of the 100 worst” invasive species in the world, threatening biodiversity, the environment and economy. Global Ocean acknowledges the negative impacts that invasive species can have on an ecosystem, often transported by floating marine litter or plastic pollution, and believe education and raising awareness is an important step in promoting change and in line with our own work.

One More Generation


We are collaborating on the development and introduction of OMG’s Plastic Recycling and Awareness Programme, into USA and UK school curriculum. The one week programme is tailored to the latest Standards for Science, Literacy and Math and will be implemented into participating schools to teach children about the harmful effects of plastic pollution and inspire change in behaviour and attitudes towards this resource at individual, collective and community levels. Synonymous to Global Ocean’s work in the UK, it is intended that resources can be integrated and jointly developed to increase coverage of education and improve the range of material available to schools.

Shark Guardian


We sponsored Shark Guardians on their first ever Dubai school tour during February 2014, educating children and the public about the importance of sharks, rays and sawfish and their future conservation. We helped to judge a competition in which children created posters to reinforce the knowledge and information they had gained following the Shark Guardian workshop, and we provided the prizes for the 16 inspirational winners, 2GB IPod Shuffles. Partnering with Shark Guardians allows our Dubai office, which focuses on conservation of Elasmobranch species through education and outreach, to extend its influence in this area.

Scottish Dolphin Centre Dry Dive


We have sponsoerd the 'Dry Dive' exhibition at the Scottish Dolphin Centre. Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) take visitors to Spey Bay on tours of the historic Icehouse, a Grade A Listed building, that was built to house ice used to keep the salmon and trout caught in the river Spey fresh. The cavernous chambers of the Icehouse fascinate people of all ages and inspired WDC to create a new exhibition: the Dry Dive. The dark and damp atmosphere of the Ice House is the perfect setting for an exhibition that uses video images, sounds, lights and projections to tell a story of the Moray Firth’s natural heritage.

Global Ocean UK Projects

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