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Global Ocean supported the Save the Whales: Reloaded campaign, launched at the World Whale Conference, October 2013 in Brighton.


The supporters of this cause pledged that:

  • Together we can achieve so much more than we could alone

  • Everybody deserves a say in how we manage our oceans, including important decisions that affect whales and dolphins.

  • Whales and dolphins desperately need us to speak with one voice if we are to protect them and their ocean habitat.

We have pledged continuing support for the campaign for a National Whale Sanctuary in the waters off the coast of Uruguay. The campaign started in 2002 and was resumed in 2012. 


In October 2013 the Uruguayan Parliament voted unanimously in favour of the sanctuary! This bill declares the entire Exclusive Economic Zone in Uruguay as a Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary, where these animals will be protected.

Project Archive

See below for details on the projects we have supported and sponsored over the years.

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