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Apply For Sponsorship 

With regards to funding, we ask applications to contain the following information:


  • Project overview

  • Why you are the best individuals to undertake the work (please include your track record)

  • The challenge

  • Project objective - clearly defined objectives including the strength and feasibility of your idea

  • Partnerships - local, regional, national and/or international

  • Specific activities - how will you achieve the objectives

  • Key outputs - How will your work make a difference to your organisation and the cause

  • Timeline - Define your short and long term goals including how our contribution will fit into the wider strategy/ approach

  • Budget (including breakdown)

  • Sponsor benefits for Global Ocean clearly outlined

  • Any other supporting documentation


Global Ocean receives its funds in February of each year, and the deadline for submissions is Friday 27th February 2015.

Please email your submissions by clicking here

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