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Who Speaks on Behalf of Whales?

25 February 2014, Climate Change Capital, London

We attended WDC’s conference discussing the interlink between science and policy to determine legal frameworks for the protection and conservation of cetacean species, with a case study on whales. James Cameron, Director of Climate Change Capital, began the introduction followed by Chris Buffer-Stroud, WDC¸ who raised the argument that there exists a growing body of evidence to suggest that some cetacean species, namely whales and dolphins, have a high social complexity and culture not found in other animal groups. Therefore, this scientific evidence must be taken into consideration by policy makers when making decisions about the management of these socially complex creatures.


Guest Speaker Prof. Philippe Sands is a renowned environmental and human rights lawyer who litigates cases before national and international courts. Philippe gave us an insight into the case that has been filed by Australia against Japan under the International Court of Justice, regarding their capacity for whaling under scientific permits and the disputes that this subjective term raises. 

Not A Drop was an independent exhibition focused on the issues of water misuse, conservation and the plight of our world’s oceans and waterways. It was a weekend event held in a converted warehouse art space in Borough, London. Over 50 artists displayed work centred around these themes and guest speakers and film installations gave more in depth insight into the problems the artwork illustrated.


We hosted a creative workshop for children at the event to help to educate about plastic pollution in an interactive way. We assisted the children in creating their own pieces of art, which we hung around the exhibition, allowing the children to be a real part of the event. They created wonderful sea animals out of recycled plastic and decorated them with the help of 2 of the exhibition artists to encourage them to view plastic as a recyclable resource and not just discarded waste.

Not A Drop Exhibition

28-29 September 2013. London

We partnered with Thames21 and Sea Urchins magazine to celebrate World Oceans Day 2013 on the River Thames. Around 40 volunteers joined us on the foreshore to help clean up the plastic litter that collects at Queen Caroline’s Draw Dock before it reaches the ocean.


Children helped to spread the message about plastic pollution during a sea creature workshop, making creative use of the plastic that we collected.

Beach Clean Up

08 June 2013. Hammersmith, London

Paddle for the Planet

31 May 2014. Kite Beach, Jumeira, Dubai UAE

We supported our friends Dgrade, Pepsico and Aquafina who worked with Paddle for the Planet to teach children and their families about the impact of throwing away plastic bottles and discussed what they could do to help our oceans!

Culpeper Community Garden

August 2011, London


Arts Educator Edwina Ashton, and GO Director Melanie Salmon, made models of marine life from everyday plastic items with children and parents in the beautiful and ecological Culpeper Community Garden, Islington. Here in a tucked away enclave, a former derelict site in another life, was an extravaganza of plants, shrubs and colour. In this Eden-like place a creative day was had by all.


"I have learnt that it's important to recycle plastic because it damages the sea and damages the creatures in the sea" 

Aakash (aged 6)


"We must always recycle and use less plastic. It'll be hard for all the animals if there are plastic bags in the ocean, such as turtles, and people can die because fish are dying. If fish die all people could die" 

Mikhel (aged 8)

Chalk Farm Library Workshop

24 October 2012, London


In connection with Transition Primrose Hill we hosted an eco arts workshop.The participants made such amazing creations that they have actually been featured in a book!  We are very excited to share with you below:


The author, Aruna Khanzada, writes: "In collaboration with Transition Primrose Hill, Global Ocean and Chalk Farm Library an event was held at Chalk Farm Library to bring awareness of the danger of plastic waste to sea-life.  The event was an art workshop for children to create fish out of plastic bags, bottles and containers.  I had gone along to promote my AZOOBOOK concept at the invitation of the library but was so blown away and inspired by the enthusiasm of the children in creating their masterpieces that I wrote a poem and illustrated it and this is the result!"

Supernormal Festival

10-12 August 2012, Oxfordshire


Braziers International Artists' Workshop presents SUPERNORMAL, an intimate non-profit event that blurs the boundaries between art and music, performer and audience.


"Supernormal is an alt-music, art infused breath of fresh air amid the glut of summer "festivals as big business"


-The Guardian

Beach Clean Up

08 June 2014. Hammersmith, London

We partnered with Thames 21 for World Oceans Day 2014 to help rid the River Thames foreshore at Queen Caroline's Draw Dock of plastic and other debris before it reaches our oceans. We were joined on the day by SeaChampion volunteers from MCS and enthusiastic members of the public and we made a fantastic and positive impact on the landscape. Click here for pictures from the day.

SeaLife London Aquarium "Ocean of Stars"

18 November 2014, London

We attended "Ocean of Stars" run by the Sea Life Conservation Trust, a night to celebrate ocean conservation and the budding stars thereof. Global Ocean hosted a stand full of information for guests to take home about plastic pollution in our oceans.

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