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Global Ocean UAE Projects




We have encouraged research into Elasmobranchs and, through school workshops, are providing education on the dangers that these creatures face. 

Dubai Schools Poster Competition


Global Ocean teamed up with Shark Guardian to run a schools programme whereby we educated local children about the plight of sharks in the Gulf. A competition was then held for students to create posters to reinforce the learning and new knowledge they gained from the presentations at their schools throughout Dubai. They created some fantastic pieces and lots of entries were submitted. To view the competition entries and for further information click here. 

Click below to find out more about our projects in the UAE.

"Requiem" Film Screening In Dubai


Community Cinema Dubai teamed up with Global Ocean and the Emirates Diving Association (EDA) to present "Requiem" at the Vox Cinema in Mall of the Emirates. The film documented the true nature and purpose of one of the most misunderstood predators on our planet, with up close and personal footage of the Bull Shark, Caribbean Reef Shark, Tiger Shark and Lemon Shark. "Requiem", produced by WildAid, presented some shocking facts and figures to viewers

Our UAE branch focuses on conserving native Elasmobranch species and implementing our plastic pollution education programme. As always, we work to empower local school children to take action for conservation and become stewards of the marine world.

Download our UAE education resource pack and learn about the plight of sharks, rays and sawfish in The Gulf.

UAE Education Pack

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