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Beach Clean 2013 


We teamed up with Thames 21 and Sea Urchins and took a trip down to Queen Caroline's Draw Dock in Hammersmith to clean up the shoreline of the Thames for World Oceans Day 2013.

EcoTales Festival 


Global Ocean joined the EcoTales festival in Twickenham on the 05 May 2013. It was a fun-filled day for all the family, which addressed the serious issue of plastic pollution in our oceans with workshops, film screenings, a plastic animal safari and even a presentation by Global Ocean Eco-Arts Director Fatemah.


We hope that the plastic creatures we photographed can inspire you in how to creatively recycle your plastic rubbish!

The Delta Study Join Our Coastal Clean Up


Global Ocean India welcome the students and teachers of The Delta Study at the Coastal Clean Up Campaign at Fort Kochi.


Global Ocean India

Bristow Beach Cleanup


University of Fisheries & Ocean Studies (KUFOS) volunteers collected lorries full of plastic. 


Plastic Pollution Education at London Sealife Aquarium


Launching our workshop session for our brand new plastic pollution education programme in conjunction with London Sea Life Aquarium. 

Lyla Laon Jewellery


Lyla Laon is an up and coming jewellery designer who is very kindly contributing proceeds from her first collection to Global Ocean. All metals used in her work are recycled and she uses bio-resins which are harmless to the environment

Global Ocean India celebrates Word Oceans Day


Global Ocean India planted 55 Mangroves close to the sea wall at St. Antony’s School, Kerala. Saplings were provided by the Cochin University of Science and Technology. GOI were joined by 10 volunteers from Tree, led by Mr. Deepu and Mr. Benoy and a number of enthusiastic local children. 

Global Ocean India

Coast Clean at Fort Kochi 


Global Ocean India campaign to raise awareness of the destructive effects of plastic and styrofoam pollution in the fragile ecosystem of the waters around Fort Kochin and the Backwaters of Kerala, India.


Global Ocean India World Environment Day


On 05 June 2013, Global Ocean India (GOI) celebrated World Environment Day with St. Antony School’s lower primary children with the support of the principal and other teachers. GOI and the school children planted 5 Ungu (Indian Beech) trees, which is a saline resisting tree providing shade.

127 MCZ Rally 


On Monday 25 February, Global Ocean went down to the 127 MCZ (Marine Conservation Zones) march at Westminster, London, with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of Fish Fight, the Marine Conservation Society, SeaLife Aquarium and Sea Urchins magazine.



View a video of this event here





Presentation to India National Seminar on Health & Environment


Melanie Salmon conducted a presentation about Plastic Pollution on 23 January 2013 at Cochin Univeristy for Science and Technology (CUSAT), India.


Global Ocean India

Beach Billboard Campaign


Fort Kochi - Eight sealife creatures were painted onto beach billboards for the Cochin Carnival on 01 January 2013.


Global Ocean Workshop at the Oberon Mall 


Our first Global Ocean workshop in a shopping mall in India. Children and adults were fascinated by the creative use of plastic and produced some great results highlighting the importance of not throwing away or discarding plastic bottles as trash!


World Oceans Day and Primrose Hill Fair


We had a great time celebrating World Oceans Day at the Primrose Hill Fair, London. We got creative and recycled the area's plastic waste into beautiful pieces of art. 


Paddle for the Planet


We went to the Pirate Castle, London and Kayaked along Regent's Canal to raise money on World Environment Day 2011.


Project Ocean


Project Ocean was held at Selfridges, London in order to raise awareness around the issue of depleting fish stocks in the world's oceans. 


Protesting Against Whale Jail at SeaWorld San Diego



These bright young things came together to raise awareness about the problems posed by putting intelligent beings into captivity and misinforming young people at SeaWorld.

Stanleytross Marches on Westminster​​


Global Ocean joined EcoTales, Plastic Oceans, Green Upon Thames, Thames21 and Roz Savage at Westminster to take Stanleytross and a very special message on plastic to Parliament.

Plastic Pollution Illustrations 


Artist Michael Levett has designed these beautiful illustrations for Global Ocean. The seaturtle illustration is available on a canvas tote bag from our online shop. 

Click on the pictures and links below to find out more. View our Video Gallery here.

Photo Gallery

World Oceans Day 2014


In celebration of World Oceans Day 2014 we teamed up with Thames21 for the second consecutive year to host a beach clean on the River Thames foreshore. The day was a great success and we made a big positive impact on the landscape, helping to remove plastic litter and other debris that accumulates here before it reaches the ocean.

"Ocean of Stars"


We attended "Ocean of Stars" run by the Sea Life Conservation Trust, a night to celebrate ocean conservation and the budding stars thereof. Global Ocean hosted a stand full of information for guests to take home about plastic pollution in our oceans.

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