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Education Training

Follow our tutorials and learn how to deliver a bespoke marine conservation workshop across your informal or formal learning networks. 


Included is key information on what a typical workshop involves, how it is run, what materials you will need, tips on contacting schools and a run through of the talk we give to students during the workshop.


Our tutorials and resources aim to act as a foundation for delivering your own workshop and can be adapted to suit the needs of each class, group or individual. We hope that they will help you to inspire the younger generation to become marine stewards!

This tutorial is an introduction on how the workshop can be conducted and includes:


  • Hints and tips for conducting the workshop

  • Hints and tips for approaching local schools

  • What the workshop session includes

  • Materials you will need to run the workshop

  • Who the workshop is aimed at

  • Curriculum links

  • Places that have welcomed our workshops in the past

This tutorial runs through the talk that we give to students at the beginning of the worshop.


Typically it lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on how interactive the class is.


It can be altered to suit older or younger audiences.


It can be adapted to relate to specific school projects or topics.


Keep the talk is as interactive as possible by asking the students lots of questions and engaging them in the subject.

Training Resources

Workshop Education Pack

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