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Argyl Primary School 

October 2013


We teamed up with Sea Urchins Magazine and Water Bobble to deliver a bespoke new workshop at Argyle Primary School in Kings Cross, London.


Year 6 Sapphire they learnt about the impact of plastic pollution on marine life and ocean habitats and how they can help to reduce their everyday plastic waste and contribute by recycling creatively.


There was a special surprise for all of the class - a brand new reusable water bottle, kindly supplied by Water Bobble. This was to encourage them to reuse and reduce their plastic waste, as 1 Bobble is equivalent to buying 300 regular bottles of water!


Two children were chosen as the class “Recycling Rangers” to help us keep track of

how the class is reducing their plastic waste and how useful the Water Bobble bottles are for encouraging them to do this.


The last surprise of the day was a free Sea Urchins magazine for them to take home to help them continue learning about marine conservation!

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