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The Baleal Surf Fest has a very unique concept, driven by the surf community of Peniche and the region around it. The basis of this small event is rooted in Chile where in a talk with some of the people of Surfers for Cetaceans, like Howie Cooke and Dave Rastovich, and also inspired by their campaign called “El Mar, Mi Alma”, that was aimed at the heart of the surf communities in Chile and the civil society in general.


That was the genesis of the idea, having the community and civil society participation in such an event that gathered Surf, Music, Art and the struggle for a better healthier planet, via the activism and the environmentalist movement.

The idea was very well accepted and we managed to have some of the Surfers for Cetaceans crew down in Baleal, Peniche. Gathered some of the community of the region and for two days celebrated the ocean, our inspiration and creativity and also armed ourselves with knowledge regarding some of the most striking and brutal ways of destroying nature, that is the whaling industry.


The big difference between this and others festivals is that all of it is for free, based on donations and landings from the community and some brands. You can get active and participate in spreading the word, get conscious of many aspects of the oceans that you didn’t know perhaps… or you have been told something else about it. This is an act of truth, respect, dignity and praise and care for our oceans, the creatures that live on it, and ourselves!

Global Ocean sponsored the event, and the positive impact it had on the community, around Baleal, Portugal.

The event had many activities, all linked to the ocean and looking out

to make a difference and raise awareness.



- Beach Clean-up: where you will learn what impact has the simple

act of leaving a plastic bag on the beach;



- Surf Championships: Paddling and Surf Vintage Championships will

take place, more for fun, rather than competition;



- Surf Clinic: where everyone can have a surf class for free, and

experience this wonderful sport;



- Documentary screening: watch documentaries about the state and health of the oceans, wonders and how you can act to make a positive change.



- Art: come and see old surfboards and their stories, live painting, and ways of re-using many things you thought were garbage;



- Music: celebrate with us the joy of living and being able to share the ocean connect with nature and act for a better tomorrow.

Baleal Surf Fest

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