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Buckland Primary School

12 March 2014


We ran two successful workshops with Year 3 Doves and Kestrels at Buckland Primary School, Staines. Both classes were very enthusiastic and created some beautiful artwork to demonstrate how plastic pollution affects marine life. Below are the poems some of the children wrote as follow on work after we left.


Recycle, reuse, reduce

Enjoy recycling so don’t drop it so sea animals         don’t get stuck in it

Coke cans, lemonade cans and bottles can be        recycled so don’t drop them in the sea

You can recycle in bins

Cardboard can be recycled

Like recycling

Enjoy recycling

Natasha, Year 3 Doves


I’m just a poor turtle

Why are you doing this to me?

It’s not fair now I’m not a pair,

Stop throwing bags into the sea

Your killing, hurting and destroying me!


I’m just a poor turtle

With all your plastic bags I’m getting tangled,

And soon I will get strangled.

I’m just a poor turtle.


You are being so rude

Stop throwing things in my food.

I’m just a poor turtle.

This is not fair,

I’m just a poor turtle.


I’m just a poor turtle.


Ethan & Hana, Year 3 Kestrels

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Eco friendly people protect the environment.

Can people stop throwing things in the street.

You need to help.

Care about animals


If litter is dropped recycle it.

No litter on the streets.

Get involved.

Adriano, Year 3 Doves

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