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Fernando Trujillo



Expertise: Cetaceans


Fernando is a marine biologist with a passion for cetaceans. Born in Bogota, Colombia, he obtained a Masters degree from Greenwich University, London, before completing a PHD in Zoology at Aberdeen University, Scotland. A world expert on river dolphins, in 1993, he established the Colombian NGO Foundation Omacha to promote conservation of river species and their ecosystems in South America through education and research. He leads a large team of conservationists who have since the 1990's worked to establish effective management practises initiatives to protect rivers. Fernando believes any strategy to introduce management practises in large rivers must link emblematic species such as the river dolphin with the economic activities of local people. He is the president of the Latin-American Aquatic Mammal Society and Member of the Cetacean Specialist Group of the IUCN.

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