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Kenmont Primary School

22 February 2014


Year 4 were very excited for our workshop and after a short presentation

about plastic pollution we gave the children some ideas on how they could

reduce their plastic consumption, from using an aluminium water bottle to

taking a canvas bag to the supermarket.


The children listened carefully to our plastic pollution facts and played our plastic pollution bingo game very well – winning some cool eco-friendly prizes! 


We were impressed with how much they had learnt during the presentation, needing very little help to answer all the questions in the game.


We then asked the kids to get creative and turn the mountain of plastic that they had collected into some up-cycled plastic animals, demonstrating just one of the many uses for our old plastic rubbish. The children eagerly jumped into the activity, creating some amazing pieces of art.

"I liked making the animals out of plastic." - Tia, aged 9

"I learned about how much junk we have been throwing in the sea." - Xavier, aged 9

"I learnt that we can use tap water instead of bottle water and reuseplastic bags." - Eran, aged 9 

"I liked the bingo game and learnt that creatures could get hurt if you put plastic in the ocean." - Cheyanne, aged 9

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