Fortunately the local government and community is very supportive of the efforts of Misool Baseftin, and there have been high level workshops to make decision makers, including police and judges, aware of marine crime. The local community traditionally have the right to control fishing in their waters, and have worked alongside this amazing foundation to set up no take zones, as well as employing rangers within the local population. Amazingly, Misool Baseftin have already seen the success of their efforts, in the resurgence of snappers, groupers, napoleon wrasse and sharks in particular.

In May 2012, Global Ocean funded a new patrol boat for the Misool Baseftin Foundation, based in Raja Ampat in Indonesia, an offspring of the Misool Eco Resort. Raja Ampat is a vital conservation area as it has one of the highest levels of marine biodiversity on Earth. The boat will be used primarily for deterring poachers, as well as for community outreach to support the patrol and overall conservation effort. This patrol boat also allows rangers to monitor illegal logging in the area, the run off of which devastates coral reefs.

This NGO partners with WildAid, TNC, CORAL and the Walton Family Foundation. The work that they are currently conducting is admirable and Global Ocean were very pleased to be part of this essential marine conservation effort!

Patrol boat in Misool Baseftin