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Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School 

19 March 2014


The last in a series of successful workshops for the first quarter of 2014 was held at Ravenscourt Park Preparatory with Year 6.


Prior to our visit the children had been working on projects related to how their respective countries respond to environmental problems and give their own ideas for waste management strategies.


The workshop on plastic pollution added to their knowledge and gave them some new ideas to include in their country projects. The pupils were very interactive and asked a lot of good questions, which opened up lass discussions about the plastic pollution problem!


When asked what they had learnt, some of the replies were:

"... that plastic poison is a really, really big problem across the world and something has to be done." - Emily, aged 11

"... that reducing and recycling is very important." - Bella and Valen, aged 10

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