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Global Ocean’s funding has been an essential element of building theSAS education programme. Thanks to the support of Global Ocean, SAS has again delivered an increased level of educational reach in schools, learning institutions and at outside events across the country in 2010. A large number of SAS talks have been given in schools, universities and high education institutes but we have also reached a significant audience at outside events such as at surf contests and beach cleans. The talks have been delivered to all age groups from primary school level through to further education establishments.


Table of educational institutions/events visited by SAS 2010

In addition, Global Ocean has given money to build an interactive map to engage the public in their campaigns in a more direct and approachable way. Using innovative technology supporters and associates are able to upload their own events alongside SAS, displaying information for national beach cleans, campaigns, activities, regional reps and more.


If your school, business, college, university or surf club is interested in hearing more about SAS’s hard-hitting campaigns from the SAS team, please do get in touch directly for more information. 

SAS Update

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