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Seasearch's Annual Report for 2011 is here with details of important species and habitat records from surveys within proposed MCZs. This work is particularly useful to the Marine Conservation Society and the report highlights new species records and the use of Seasearch data to propose new Marine Protected Areas. Seasearch allows volunteer divers to contribute to marine research across the coastal zones of Britain and Ireland.



Last year, Global Ocean's funding covered administration and dive co-ordinator time for Devon, East Anglia and the Northeast, as well as some time for national co-ordination by Chris Wood via regional coordinators.

Hopefully the essential evidence gathered by Seasearchers can result in new designated Marine Conservation Zones next year. You can support this crucial work by visiting the Marine Conservation Society's MPA page.


You can also write to your local MP WRITE TO YOUR MP requesting better protection for our seas.

Seasearch Annual Report

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