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16 July 2012


Anna, Jordan and Fatemah visited Southill Primary School in Weymouth.

The upcoming Olympic Sailing Event in the area meant that Global Ocean had a perfect

opportunity to promote recycling to Year 2, 3 and 4.


We were very lucky in that the sailor Steve White was able to attend the workshop and

tell the children all about his experiences on the water, and the pollution problems a

sailor would face. The children were shocked to hear that the amount of plastic floating

in the water was usually an accurate indicator of how close you are to shore!


Since it was so close to the Sailing events for the Olympics the workshop concentrated

on using the mountains of collected plastic to create different types of boats –

ranging from sailboats to kayaks – promoting recycling and eco-construction methods.


The workshop also had media coverage from 'View from Weymouth and Portland' and the 'Dorset Echo'.


The children had a lot of fun when Fatemah spoke to them:


"I liked learning about how the animals can get ill." - Renee, year 2 

"It was a good experience because it wasn't just junk-modelling, We are learning that there was a reason behind the workshop. I think the younget years all enjoyed it." - Amy, year 6 

"We got to learn about recycling and the ocean and how to use plastic in many ways." - Rebecca, year 4

"I liked the workshop because we used plastic, which is like recycling." - Owen, year 3

Southill Primary School 

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