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11 March 2014


We worked with Year 4 and 6 across two workshop sessions for St Christopher’s “Thank Goodness It’s Science” week.


The students took part in an interactive presentation which related to last term’s syllabus of habitats, food chains and species interdependence.


They were extremely enthusiastic and aware of the issues we discussed, thinking up many ways they can help to reduce our plastic poison. We had a show and tell of the plastic models they had created, and the children described why the creatures were unhappy or suffering due to plastic pollution, including turtles that had swallowed plastic bags and a squid with missing tentacles from becoming entangled!

St Christopher's Primary School 

"We learnt that if we pollute our sea, creatures will die." - Jemima and Beatrice, both aged 9

"We learnt that there was so much pollution that was killing sea life." - Mia, Evie, Angie, Taby, Amy and Lauren, ages 10 & 11

"I learnt how important it is to recycle and the consequences if you don't." - Ben, aged 11

"We learnt a lot about how much we can harm ourselves, animals and their habitat with our plastic pollution." - Honor, Sophia, Amelia, ages 10 & 11

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