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St Mary's & St Peter's Primary School 

03-05 March 2014


We attended ARTS Week at SMSP school for 3 days and held 6 workshop sessions with Years 4,5 and 6. ARTS Week introduced the children to different creative mediums centred around the theme of “the elements; wind, water, fire and earth.”


Our workshops covered the water element and the children learnt about the ocean as a habitat, it's marine life and the effects of plastic pollution on them and then incorporated what they had learnt into creating recycled plastic marine models. The children worked individually or as groups and made some fantastic creatures from seabirds to penguins and had a great time!


The team received a card from SMSP thanking us for “telling them how important our sea animals are and that they all learnt a lot and really enjoyed making the models!!”


On the day some of the students told us that they had learned:

"...that we should recycle more and what our plastic does to the animals." - Juliet, aged 9 

"... how plastic affects wildlife and the foodchain." - Vassily and Aleksandrs, aged 8 & 9

"Don't throw bottles in the sea." - Ben, aged 9

"... that it takes over 1000 years for plastic to disintegrate in water." - Benedict, ages 10

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