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Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) is calling on the Government to introduce and implement a National Marine Litter Strategy to stop the ever-increasing tide of rubbish washing up across our shores. 


2009 Report - Environmental Educational Talks


Thanks to the support of Global Ocean, SAS has this year delivered an increased number of educational talks in learning institutions across the country in 2009. These talks have been given in schools, universities, high education institutes and environmental establishments such as the Eden Project. The talks 



The talks have been delivered to all age groups

from primary school level through to further

education establishments.


The SAS talk focuses on current campaign areas and local issues relating to the environmental protection of the UK's coastlines, seas and associated wildlife and recreational users.  The presentations highlight the problems and promote the sustainable achievable solutions that SAS current call for in reducing environmental degradation of our coastline nationwide.  The talks outline what SAS is doing nationally and locally along with effective examples of SAS using science at the heart of its campaigns.  These sessions also provide tangible actions that can be taken by the audience in tackling marine pollution as well as complementing the cross curricular syllabus' at the primary and secondary levels.


Table of educational institutions/events visited by SAS 2009



Issues covered include all current SAS campaigns addressing

environmental concerns including marine litter, toxic chemicals,

climate change, shipping and sewage.


As an experienced member of the Surfers Against Sewage team,

Andy Cummins (SAS campaign manager) works tirelessly to promote

the environmental protection of our oceans and beaches. He is

particularly skilled in delivering campaign talks in schools,

influencing and educating the UK's future environmental



Delivering up to 30 talks per year, Andy's enthusiasm and knowledge

about environmental issues communicate current facts to thousands of kids, positively influencing them to take action, protect the environment and engage further with the issues. Talks are delivered within classrooms, bigger venues such as Eden and sometimes on the beach along with a beach cleaning activities. The association with surfing adds another fun dimension for those listening and SAS always receive repeat bookings for talks to additional classes.


SAS has a strong educational track record and also has online resources that follow the national schools syllabus. Please see the Surfers Against Sewage website for downloadable versions of SAS's educational resources.

Surfers Against Sewage

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