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11 July 2012


Jordan, Munir and Fatemah conducted a workshop with Year 3 which was split into two groups – the painters and the sculptors.


After a talk about marine pollution in the food chain, the class was unanimous in noticing pollution on beaches they had visited across the world! They were very concerned about the wellbeing of turtles and other marine life, especially when they heard how long it took for plastic to breakdown.


The painters then went on to use a real life Rainbow Trout, Mackerel and King Prawn as inspiration for beautiful pictures of marine life. The sculptors were enthusiastically thrown amongst the plastic they had collected from home and made a large range of marine animals – with a strong preference for turtles. The children were completely at home in their art room and the work produced reflected their creativity and flair.


The work is now up in Swiss Cottage Library for the next month and can be viewed in the main foyer!

Trevor - Roberts Primary School

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