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Global Ocean continues to support the amazing work of Fundacion Omacha and its award-winning director, Fernando Trujillo.


Fundacion Omacha have provided us with good reports as to their activities

and a recent regional effort allowed for the publishing of the Action Plan for

River Dolphins in South America. From this point they have started to

promote national action plans that help governments to undertake specific

actions in each country. The initiative added to a South American strategy

to estimate abundance of river dolphins as has been useful to create strong

networks between organisations and people in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru

and Bolivia.



"After many years we still have the same problems in aquatic ecosystems in the Amazon, but the difference is that at present the scale of the problem and their impact on dolphins is high. Deliberate killing of dolphins is probably the main threat in the region and is expanding quickly. For this reason we should work at different levels with governments, stakeholders and the general public." Fernando Trujillo (Fundacion Omacha Director)


Click here to view the Global Ocean Progress Report 2010.



Click on the image to read the completed Action Plan for South American River Dolphins

Fundacion Omacha Update

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