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Whale Watching in São Tomé and Principe


A presentation was given at the Brazilian Cultural Center in São Tomé about the growing dificulties of whale watching in the area.

Patrol boat in Misool Baseftin


In May 2012, Global Ocean funded a new patrol boat for the Misool Baseftin Foundation, based in Raja Ampat in Indonesia, an offspring of the Misool Eco Resort. Raja Ampat is a vital conservation area as it has one of the highest levels of marine biodiversity on Earth. The boat will be used primarily for deterring poachers, as well as for community outreach to support the patrol and overall conservation effort. This patrol boat also allows rangers to monitor illegal logging in the area, the run off of which devastates coral reefs.



On the 27 & 28 October in Brighton, Whalefest 2012 saw the congregation of exhibitors from a wide range of sectors in both the cetacean and other marine related fields. The diverse combination of charities, campaigners, ecotourism organisations and of course budding marine conservationists made for a rather exciting weekend for the visitors, fellow exhibitors and, of course, us!


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