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Marine Conservation Society


Global Ocean supports the work of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and has dedicated some of 2010’s funds to the Seasearch Project and gathering information of illegal fishing in Special Areas of Conservation. 


Fundacion Omacha Project 


Global Ocean has continued to support Fundacion Omacha's projects and it's director, Fernando Trujillo.


Recent work has allowed for the publishin of Action Plan for River Dolphins in South America. 


Centro de Conservation Ceatacea, Chile - Update


Global Ocean has continued to work the politically strategic work of CCC in Chile. CCC has been working, since 2001, to consolidate a national policy on conservation and non-lethal use of cetaceans. CCC has been actively participating at the annual meetings of the International Whaling Commission and cooperatively working with national governmental authorities and congressmen to improve cetacean conservation strategies and policies in Chile.


Surfers Against Sewage - Update


Global Ocean funding has been key to building the SAS education programme. With thanks to Global Ocean, SAS has been able to deliver scores of educational outreach programmes in schools and learning institutions across the UK. 

Global Garbage


Global Ocean continues to support the work spearheaded by Global Garbage and oceanographers at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This includes the monitoring of marine litter and the implementation of the marine litter programme. 

Environmental Investigation Agency


Global Ocean supported the E.I.A.’s work to film the Dall’s porpoise hunt and to investigate the slaughter carried out in Japan. 

Sao Tome and Principe


Global Ocean has supported the work of young environmental campaigner, Francisco Goncalves, in Sao Tome and Principe since 2007.  Francisco's trips to the region effectively prevented STP from joining the International Whaling Commission and voting alongside the super-rich whaling nations, and is thought to be the first successful campaign of its type in the African region!


2010 Projects

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