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Baleal Surf Fest 


The Baleal Surf Fest has a very unique concept, driven by the surf community of Peniche and the region around it. The basis of this small event is rooted in Chile where in a talk with some of the people of Surfers for Cetaceans, like Howie Cooke and Dave Rastovich, and also inspired by their campaign called “El Mar, Mi Alma”, that was aimed at the heart of the surf communities in Chile and the civil society in general.


Ocean Alliance Update


Global Ocean continues to support Ocean Alliance which works on the frontline of quantifying manmade pollution in our oceans


Fundacion Omacha Project 


In June-September 2009 OMACHA worked to develop a Peruvian Action Plan. They have also organised a workshop in Bolivia to design the Bolivian River Dolphin Action Plan.


Surfers Against Sewage


Surfers Against Sewage is calling on the Government to introduce and implement a National Marine Litter Strategy to stop the ever-increasing tide of rubbish washing up across our shores.


Here are the projects we were involved with in 2009.

2009 Projects
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